Sunday, 20 July 2008

“Yes I was having fun in Guildford; I liked playing up to the other students with my eccentricities. I was also a loud as heck drummer that would hammer the living daylights out of the drum kits; I broke so much equipment whilst there”

“One of the performances I had to play Paul Weller’s ‘Changing Man’ in the style of a Green Day esqu pop Punk band”

The Hack stared at the Crone blank faced.

“I see I am going to have to teach you a few things about music” he said with an impatient tone to his voice!

“Well it was frantically loud and fast! it was so frantic that the tutors were pulling facial expressions, trying to indicate when to stop for the brakes in the song!. I on the other hand misinterpreted the expressions into thinking that they wanted me to play louder and faster! So when I saw their faces I thought right you want it louder and faster” he said

“Its funny that the Wilder I played, the wilder their facial expressions were” the Crone laughed.

“there was one point where I did a flam on the snare drum and the snare bounced up out of its stand about 3 inches because I hit it with such force” he paused

“God I was a right animal with the sticks, I think I could have been endorsed by promark for playing their sticks and breaking them” he chuckled

“But when I did get the brake right for that one point you could see everyone intake a deep breath before I clattered their ears with even more frantic volume!”

“It sounds like you made quite an impression on people?”

“Yes I probably did, I used to have this attitude where I had to try and out do people with every performance I did. I made a lot of friends whilst there, but you know you make a promise to keep in touch with everyone but your flame drops because you cut yourself out of the Loop!”

“How did you cut yourself out of the loop?”

The Crone sighed “Well you know you cut yourself out of the loop both visually and eventually I lost all contact because I had moved back in with my parents in the countryside away from the Big Smoke all the way back into the wilderness”

“It was a frosty time imbetween me and my parents because I sensed there was a feeling of disappointment because they could not understand my mentality. I felt like I had drifted away from my parents” he said.

“I mean they had done things behind my back”

“What sort of things?”

“Well my parents did divide the house in two and let half the house out to some friends, luckily they were close friends because they helped to patch relationships with my dad”.

“I had a bit of a hard time battling against my Dads steely outer shell, I think he struggled to grapple with the Idea that I had learning difficulties and that I found it hard to function in the working world” he stressed in his voice

“Luckily they were close friends and they managed to help me heal my relationships with dad by acting as translators for explaining my feelings. They helped to paper up the cracks in both mine and my parents which was gaping” he said nervously his eyes darting from side to side.

“My dad obviously had feelings for the younger couple”

“I spent a year lazing on my arse munching on potato chips, watching the world pass on by!” he said with regretting tones

“So I decided to move with the help of my parents I decided to move”

“What was it like moving?” clasped the Hack

“It was unnerving because it lead to the double slap of life! You know with the NHS and stuff and my friend tragic death!”

“Things took a nasty turn after my friend had died! He left a widow and 2 kids lodging at my parents place in the countryside. This really did expose tensions imbetween my Parents relationship, causing fractures in their foundations” The Crones voice shook

“I have never really been able to fully explain the emotional tour de force that preceded his death, I kept on hearing raised voices and crashing crockery as arguments flared up and all because of my dad having feelings for the younger person” he said his voice shaking as the Hack looked on intently!

“My parents separated for a while but the rekindled their love for each other in amongst biting back stabbing words from locals. Even when I was here I could still feel the bite of blame from the words thrust around. It created a black cloud that shrouded the house”

“I was lucky that I had a way of escaping all the hostility through music”

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