Thursday, 17 July 2008

"mentally I was at 6ís and 7ís caused by nervous breakdowns from bad flashbacks to which I still suffer from, they can be so intense at times" he said with a wistful sense of unease bringing a shiver of emotion to both himself and Hack.

"Music is such a great way to open one's self expression' his voice rang with honesty

"If I did not have music to express myself then I would already be 6ft under. Music is such a great way to open ones expressions"

His eyes hollow upon a couple of fresh-faced kids that trudge on past sneering "Get a job!!"

'Bugger off! Bloody judgment list Kids, what was it they said?, judge others how you wish to be judged and yet they always seem to feel free to dish out judgements left right and centre with little or no response" He scalped

"Wait till they till they grow up then they might wizen up to their surroundings"

"Yeah! but some people never grew up, I mean I never really grew up properly myself. My life has been such a head rush!, yet I somehow found myself bitten in this old heap"

His voice was dazed as his eyes travelled across the Iron gurders where he used to see many riches.

"I used live in the false pretences of fame! Before all of my disturbances I was living in dissolution. I was castend off to drum school for a year where I accidentally walked into the doors of popularity" he reminisced

"I took my love of live performance with me! All you need to mention is the band Rage Against the Machine and you will send some of the tutors into dissipated sense of fear"

"Why would the mention of that bands name make the tutors scared?, or is that a stupid question?"

"Stupid questions come with stupid answers Hack! We used to have weekly sessions on performance where they would gather all the singers, guitarists, and bass players
and drummers in a little theater just around the corner from the College, which some bright spark decided to place above a pub!"

"It was excellent trade for AA centres!. I think more people spent their time in their lifting pintsized weights then they spent doing musical recreation"

"Well anyway for the performance sessions we would be given a song to learn for each session! And one session we did Rage Against the Machines angry classic Killing In The Name Of. I found the drum track a little too hard for my capabilities at the time and so I decided to give the vocals a go an try and give all the little daddies Boys and girls a lesson in how to give it some balls!'

'And you showed them some balls?'

'Hell yes!' exclaimed the Crone

"I showed them some balls alrighty!, they did make the mistake of allowing me to sing in the last group of the afternoon which they thoroughly regret now!"

"Why? What did you do?" glanced Hack with a nervous sense of caution

"Well you know how the song goes with the heavy guitar and the back beat drums"

The Hack nodded nervously with an edgy look in his eyes.

"Well when they were playing the heavy part of the intro I was jumping up and down like the clappers and getting in people faces! When the vocals first kick in, you no the
Bah, bah, bah, Bah, bah, bah" he said flailing his arms to the beat.

"Well I said Killing In The Name and head butted the microphone" he said pummelling his fist against his head.

"I went too overboard in the performance, I was smacking my head about, climbing over the students who were sat in the seats crapping themselves as I was getting right into their faces!" chirped Crone

"I virtually knocked over the drum kit scaring the crappers out of the poor drummer!, I mean the Tutors had to virtually restrain me!!. I kept on pummelling so hard that I had the Mesh imprinted on the forehead" he cackled tapping a spindly finger on his head.

"I have never seen the place empty so quickly!, I mean as soon as the performance had finished then the doors flung open!. I saw more streams of dark brownie black smoke then I saw Bodies and I never saw the tutors rush so quickly to the bar as they did then"

"Did this happen whilst you setting up your roots here?"

"No this happened in a place much nearer the big smoke, a place called the Academy of Contemporary Popular Music in the plush town of Guildford. I quickly garnered a reputation for my enthusiasm and quick whipped whit, making a few friends including a drummer called Mark who played with a band called Fortune Drive, but back then I was a right oddball style skin headed punk rocker with a thick scalp!"

'It was all so easy to stir people up!' The Crone paused to intake a deep breath as the Hack frantically scribbled.

"All it takes is to say or do something a bit extravert to either go with the flow or ruffle against the waves. I used to love ruffling against the waves to create my own streams!"

"I saw the audience as one big red shiny button with push stamped heavily all over it! So I saw it as my job as the performer to push it"

"That's a good analogy of what live music should be like!" stated the Hack

"That's what it used to be like until it became perforated with kids that were too cool for school! It is a statement that I have always abided by as a performer, I mean a soon as guitar feed back hit my ears it would trigger a switch in my head to go off with spazzmic results of Iggy Pop style proportions"

"Iggy Pop? Who is he?" questioned hack

"You don't who Iggy Pop is!". Hack shook his head!

"Fuck me!, Iggy Pop is the greatest Rock ní Roll front man ever!, He would pour heart, soul and sexually driven sweat into every performance, he gave true meanings to the words give me danger little stranger!"

"So did take much from his onstage persona?"

"Yes to a certain extent, but my sweat was not so much sexually driven just plain and turgid"î he laughed

"This was also before I discovered the use of showers and their power, so I was a stinky shaven headed, fleece wearing odd ball who managed accentuate everything in his performance".

"I was a proper weirdo. I remember doing a performance of Marilyn Mansons 'Beautiful People', with which I tried to apply the scare tactics by slabbering on lots of ridiculous face paint in paint in the shapes of crosses".

"Have you ever seen a 6ft tall slap head walk through a town covered in thick in dripping face paint and fake blood and wearing a smelly yellow dapple fleece"

"No! I can imagine you looked quite a sight" chuckled Hack

"The stunned look of awkwardness on peoples faces as I walked across town too the College. God I looked like a right mentalist!".

"When I arrived at the college I made so many people burst into fits of hysterics, I mean my friend Mark could barely sit or stand upright because he bursting with laughter so heavily. All the tutors were gawping at me"

"I also got the train back to my folks in the Countryside with the face paint still on, you can imagine what they were thinking as they picked me up from the train station!. Donít worry our son is only partially a fruit Cake!" he said in a hysterical accent

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